Tandem Kayak Suggestion?

My wife and I each have a Dagger Baja kayak that we both love–we fit these kayaks beautifully and love their feel. We also enjoy canoeing together, and are now thinking that if we could find the right tandem kayak, perhaps this could be a great way to combine our preference for kayaking with the ability to be closer together as we paddle. But we have no idea what tandem kayak might give us similar pleasure to what we’ve experienced with the Dagger Bajas. Any suggestions?

I don’t
Have a clue but you don’t see to many tandem kayaks. There might be a reason they call them divorce boats.

CD Double Vision

Seaward Passat G3
You don’t even gave to paddle in sync!!!

Closer together?
In a tandem one of you will be looking at the back of the other’s head.

Yeah, you might be “closer” in terms of distance apart but for having a conversation paddling side-by-side in separate boats is better.

CD Double Vision seating
Rented this boat for a 5 day trip. It is light and reasonably affordable, but the cockpits are frustratingly close together. Likely that one of you will whap the other with the paddle if not careful. Try it first if you can.