Tandem kayak weights and capacities

I am looking to buy my first kayak, a tandem for my wife and myself, with occasional solo use.

I see very different weight capacity ratings for similarly sized kayaks (380 pounds for Loon 138T, 550 pounds for Pamlico 135T). Are these kayaks really that different? Will be be sitting low in the water with the Loon, but not the Pamlico?

Also, it sounds like the weight of the boats is generally under reported by the manufacturers. I would prefer a smaller tandem for easier transport and handling, if two adults can be comfortable and get reasonable performance in flat water scenarios.

Any guidance or advice?

I think the weight on the 135T
is under-reported. I think it is in the low 70s. However, it is stable, tracks straight, is very comfortable, and is surprisingly fast once you get it up to speed. I’ve been in the Loon 138T only once. It was slower and didn’t track as well.

By purchasing a wide rec tandem with two seats and made of polyethylene, you probably will not find a truly lightweight yak. Most seem to be 60+ lbs.; however, there are two people to carry it.

If you want a lightweight tandem
build a CLC Sport Tandem. I raced their prototype and I was able to easily unload, carry and load it solo. Careful building should keep the weight in the 50# range. It is also fast and beautiful to look at.