Tandem Kayak

Hi all,

I have been doing some research with the thought of getting a Kayak. After renting one

to see if I liked it, both my wife and I are

getting the bug to buy. She likes the idea of

a tandem. I would like to use it early morning

fishing along the beaches on the Mississippi Coast which will probably be a solo trip.

I have looked at the Ocean Kayak Malibu II XL

and it seems like a good candidate, although

Heavy. The Tarpon 130T seems nice, I like the seat but not sure if it would be bow high, stearn low depending on where I sat.

The Emotion Co-motion seems like the position of

the front seat is set up for a single user.

Any thoughts suggestions ?

I am 5’ 8" 230 my wife 5’ 3" ???

I don’t know anything about SOTs
However, my wife and I use a Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T (sit-in) and really enjoy it. We don’t fish from it but the cockpit is large and I imagine it might hold your fishing gear. At your size, you would have no trouble fitting into it comfortably.

It is very stable, reasonably fast, tracks very straight, the seats are great, and the front seat is adjustable if you want to go solo. It is heavy at 70 lbs. but made of firm plastic.

Good luck whatever you choose.

do you love yur wife?
I mean do you REALLLLLYYY love your wife because tandens of any sort require a lot more closeness and cooperation than a couple singles.

That’s why I bought a pair of Mallards and a couple Scramblers because neither me nr my daughter like each other enough to paddle the same boat again.

Consider the Poke Boat Vagabond
It only weighs 46lbs in fiberglass and paddles equally as well with one or two paddlers. The stock seats aren’t very comfortable and you may need to come up with your own solution to that issue. It’s quite expensive new, but I found a used one for about $450 a couple years ago. It doesn’t get as much use now because we bought a Wenonah Solo Plus last summer because my wife prefers the higher seating position. I’m 5’6" and 150lbs and have no trouble paddling the Solo Plus from the center seat.

The Poke Poat Vagabond has much less wind resistance than the Solo Plus though, so the kayak is easier to handle on a windy day.