Tandem Kayak

First post.

My wife and I are seniors…over 55. We live in lake/river country(actually we live right on a river folks kayak and tube on) and are considering a tandem kayak…either Sit On Top or otherwise to take short day trips(or a few hour trips) with.

We both grew up near water and are comfortable around it. However, kayaking is new to us.

Comfort(read good back support) is an issue and manueverability for the river we live on. We like to sight see and enjoy photography. The river is pretty gentle overall and relatively shallow.

We have a couple of Shi Tzu’s we might bring along if we can find life jackets for them.

My wife has kayaked rivers and lakes extensively and I have kayaked mostly lakes. Both of us have used beginner basic kayaks…Perception(Swifty 9.5) and Pelican 100 SE.

I suggested a sit on top kayak because I have difficulty getting in and out of the kayaks we now have as I have back problems. But I do LOVE to kayak and don’t want to give up the sport.

Price is open. We would pay more for a kayak that works for us.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


I have used 3 tandems
and I would not have any of them as a primary boat.

Elie 130t (heavy bathtub), Necky Dagger II (heavy), LL Duece Coupe (heavy). Of those 3 the Deuce was the best handling of the 3 as an all around boat, both as a double and a single.

I found that since the weight of these boats made it hard to load they often got left at home in favor of 2 singles.

For the price of a decent tandem you can also get 2 decent singles that are much easier to handle.

Thanks for the info on the tandems. We might forego the tandem in favor of some better kayaks.

Tx again.

Get two
My advice would be to get two kayaks. Much more fun and one person doesn’t end up talking to the back of the others head all the time. If you should dump at least one of you is dry and can assist. Probably be easier with your pups as well.

eddyline SOT
If you are leaning toward singles after the discussion here and still like the SOT idea, Eddyline is now making one with its thermoform plastic – lighter than poly. Given that SOTs are typically heavy (even singles), you might benefit from this lighter SOT. I have no experience with this specific Eddyline model, but Eddyline has a fine reputation. It is a new model, so I don’t know if anyone who frequents this forum has tried one – hope so…


tarpon 120 ultralite
Another 43 pound SOT. 12 x 30" (like the Eddyline).


I know folks here have experience with the Tarpon (don’t know if they have experience with the lighter material – ultralite).

SOT Tandem heavy
How will you be carrying the boat(s). SOTs are heavy, tandem SOTs are really heavy.

Just a comment - if you guys are paddling together and can lose the dogs, two people can usually learn assisted rescues and do pretty well. If the dogs have to stay, maybe consider SOT(s) with a trailer.

Thanks again

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Thanks again to all for all the help. Based on what we have read here and other places, we are leaning more toward two kayaks again.

We are still very interested in a SOT kayak. Thanks for the SOT suggestions. We will be checking those out.

In order to explore SOT kayaks, I think I'll start a new thread.

tx again so much to all of you for your input.


I have a Necky Vector 14, which is very
stable, but weighs a bit over 60 lbs.

If I may, I would suggest nothing shorter than a 12’ boat, as the longer they are the better they track.

Check out the ‘Topkayaker’ website and you’ll find a great deal of very good info.

Tandem boats can be VERY heavy and they’re many times called a “divorce boat”. You and your lady are individuals and each will have your own paddling style.

SOT’s can be a wet ride, so you’ll want to dress for it by not wearing ANY cotton and using scupper plugs.

Welcome, to the soon to be for you two, sport of paddling. May you enjoy many happy hours on the water.

BTW, my Shitzu, loves to go paddling with me.

There are many sites that carry ‘doggie PFD’s’. NRS is one of them and my 11 year old Sunshine doesn’t mind wearing hers.

Don’t give up on a tandem
Don’t give up on a tandem if that’s want you want. Some people call them divorce boats, but we have an Impex Temiskawa and love it. I paddle solo, but this is the only way to get OTW with Margaret. The kayak is a good bet for the kind of kayaking you’re interested in doing–worth checking it out. Here’s a good place to start as you can go to the website and also search PNet for his comments on the Temiskawa:


The River Connection, Inc

Hyde Park, NY


IMPEX - Temiskawa Tandem when I looked at the specs it says weight limit 260 how is that enough for two normal adults? Is it an error? http://kayaks.gearsuite.com/l/117/Impex-International-Temiskawa