Tandem Kayaks - Weight and Capacity

I am interested in buying my first kayak, probably a tandem for my wife and myself, with occasional solo use.

Seems that there is a significant difference in rated weight capacity of kayaks of similar size (Old Town Loon 138T, Wilderness Pamlico 135T,etc.). The Loon is only rated for 380 pounds capacity, yet the Pamlico is rated for something like 500 pounds. Are the ratings legitimite? Will the Loon be low in the water with two people, and the Pamlico not?

I am looking at a smaller tandem because of all the comments I read about the weight of the larger tandems, and the issue with a single person trying to load and unload them to and from a roof rack. Any advice?

Seda Amigo
Converts from a tandem to a single and back .


Consider the Poke Boat Vagabond
It’s 16.5’ and weighs 46lbs and can be paddled tandem or solo by moving the front seat. The seats aren’t the greatest in my opinion. I’ve paddled it solo on lakes and rivers and tandem on lakes with my wife and it handles well in all those situations. The main drawback for new models is the price - about $2,000.