Tandem Kayaks

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Looking for any feedback, likes, dislikes etc on either the Current Designs Unity or the Delta 20T tandems. Intended usage would be Great Lakes tripping for upwards of 10 days. Any other kayaks would be considered as well

Seda Tango
Big and fast.

Mirage 730
Also big and fast.


availability in area
The original 2 kayaks I asked about and Seaward products are the makes that are readily available in my area for test paddle purposes. Would appreciate any feedback especially for those manufacturers.

Seaward Passat G3
Fast fun boat that does everything really well…

Don’t get a tandem
If you really want a tandem, borrow or rent one for several days use (like you would intend to use it). Only then consider a purchase. I know of lots of tandem purchases that lasted less than a year before selling the boat, often at a loss. There is a reason they are called “divorce boats”. I have a tandem in the fleet only as the “can I bring X along” boat. My circle of friends use the boat as an introduction to kayaking tool only.

2nd the Passat G3
If paddle it a lot, and it’s fantastic.

Excellent build quality, excellent design, well thought-out details. Very fast, carries tons of gear, handles any conditions I’ve been in, easy to control.

Center hatch
Get a tandem with a center hatch. With no center hatch it can get more frustrating bc the 2 paddlers have to paddle in sync or the paddles can bang.

With a center hatch the cockpits are far enough apart for that not to be an issue. The nice things about a tandem is you’re always within talking distance, you dont have to worry about one paddler being faster, one paddler can rest if they need without the other having to stop, and it’s easier for photography.