Tandem kit boats

Plan on building a tandem kit boat for my wife and I. We will use it for long trips on the great lakes. Anyone have any experience with a Pygmy Osprey double versus say a CLC double?

Osprey Double
I’ve got a Pygmy Osprey Double that I built over 4 years ago. The boat has seen more than 2,500 kilometres of use in conditions that range from flat and sedate to outright scary.

It’s easy to build and not only does the Osprey Double look great, it also paddles great.

You can see a build journal of my double on my website at:


Feel free to contact me through this board if you want more info.



Also take a look at Eric Schade’s tandem

Eric is the designer of the Shearwater Series at CLC.


Tanks for the info, Those pictures are pretty good and will help a lot when I build this winter.

rudder needed

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Whould that type of design need a rudder in heavier waves as a double? (shearwater)

re: rudder
I would definitely give Eric a call, he is very responsive.

When I met with him a few years ago, I paddled his prototype Bluefin and his Merganser 17 (now aka CLC Shearwater 17). He was paddling his Eider with his kids…it had no rudder.

My impression is that it does not need a rudder given it’s design and length. What I really like about it is:

  1. no rudder
  2. built at about 60 lbs for a double
  3. more manageable length