Tandem Rec Kayak

Have a WS Pamlico 135t. Looking to get a second tandem for family recreational kayaking (flatwater, bays, etc.). Like the Pamlico a lot but should I consider any others? Thanks!

OT Loon 160t
Have paddled the OT Loon 160t a lot. Cockpit is huge–big enough for kids and dog and very stable. With the rudder it tracks well and paddles easily. I have a hard time with it without the rudder, though. Very durable boat. Most of our landings are rocky landings and it has held up well.

acadia II heavy but sound
I’ve had the Perception Acadia II for 2 years. The boat is almost untippable. (I wont say totally untippable, because when they said the titanic was insinkable, it did).

Lots of room, lots of watertight cargo and great seats. If you are over 150 lbs its a breeze to paddle solo, tracks great and turns easy.

We own a 135T

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We've rented other tandems while on vacation such as the Old Town. I think for a rec yak, the 135T by far suited us the best in terms of comfort and performance. Are two of the same unreasonable? If you want greater performance for more challenging waters, there was another recent thread about tandems (within the last week or two) with some good info.

Good luck. Glad you enjoy your 135T.

Interchangable parts
If you get a second Pamlico, you will have one big advantage - accessories and parts for one will fit the other one, too. Either boat will fit in either position on the roof rack. Paddles sized for one will be okay for the other.

just a thought…

Pamlico 145
The Pamlico 145T is a step up in performance over the 135T, and has the advantage of being a good solo paddler, far better (imho) than the others in the class.

Of all the tandems out there, the Pamlico series (particularly the 145 and 160) have some performance advantages over the competition in terms of hull design and finish (Phase3 seats on both).

Hurricane’s tandem (can’t think of the model name) is also a decent boat, and at 45 pounds or so, it weighs a LOT less than most of the competition. Seats aren’t as comfy as the WS models, but hey, 20-30 pounds lighter is worth something…

Consider the Phoenix Vagabond
http://pokeboat.com/Vagabond.htm if you can find one used. Very expensive new. Only 46lbs. Seats aren’t very comfy from the factory for me, but you may find a good solution for yourself. Very meneauverable and reasonably fast. Not the best boat for bird watching because it sometimes turns after you stop paddling to pick up your binoculars. Tracks fine while you’re paddling.