Tandem sea yak solo?

Me and my girlfriend have been paddling a tandem Mainstream Tropic II for the summer. She has never kayaked before and I am new as well so it waupriver @s a great learner boat, but now we want to do more, but with her shoulder, solo paddling isn’t option. We wantare to go further and faster. I found a used Hydra Sea Twin 18’ on craigslist we both like, but she does not always come with me, so about half the time I am going solo. I know its a heavy boat at around 100lbs, not really a problem with loading for me. But will this be an issue to solo paddle? The Mainstream isnt to hard except for the wind kicks its butt and it is slow. Will this boat be do ok solo? Any issues with this boat solo ir tandem?

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so would two be better?
So pretty much I would be better off with two solo s and a tow rope?

I can’t help you on specific models, but when I’ve seen a person paddling a double as a solo, one end of the boat is always pointing up too much.

If you plan to paddle it solo, carry some jugs that you can fill with water or sand to put in the unoccupied cockpit.

Seen it happen with canoes, too.