Tandem Sit on Top Advice

Hey, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I am looking into buying a sit on top kayak for the wavy shores of lake ontario. I want to buy a tandem, because I am slowly trying to get my girlfriend into kayaking, but because I know I will normally be solo in the boat I need one that can easily be paddled solo as well. Do any of you have any suggestions for a sit on top that is moderately good in the waves, tandem, yet able to be paddled solo. Any advice is appreciated.


Try these…
Try these, Dagger Grand Caymen, Malibu Two by Ocean Kayak, I have a wildernes systems Equator which is heavy but can fit 2 people and a small child/dog but still allows you to go solo.


also these
Ocean Kayak Malibu 2 XL, Agean and Cabo. Wilderness Systems T130. Cobra Tandem. Perception used to make a tandem but I think they stopped. It was called the Mandaly.

All the OK tandems are made to be paddled solo. I’m not sure about the others.

grand cayman discontinued,
a pretty decent boart is no more, anyone actually paddled the mythical tarpon t130? never seen one but looks impressive, has the same hull of the 140 but is wider. get 2 kayaks , tandems don’t work out, "divorce "boats/ the learning curve is huge , so getting a boat and renting another for her might be an option

Perception Mandalay
A bit of a warning on the Perception Mandalay. Its an excellent boat, the length contributes to great speed and it handles very well for such a long boat. My real complaint is that it is a bit wet when loaded. I’m a pretty big guy and when I paddle with my girlfriend we get wet. I’d say its capacity is over rated by about 150lbs.

Mine BTW is up for sale!