tandem sit-on-top

My wife and I have had touring boats for about five years, and we’ve recently started doing a lot of snorkeling. The two don’t mix well where we tend to go as it’s a real pain in the neck to get in and out of our boats repeatedly in chest deep water. We’ve thought about getting a tandem sit-on-top as a third boat, but so far the one’s weve paddled are somewhat equivelent to paddling our bathtub. Could someone please suggest some to look for. If it didn’t cost a fortune it would help my case as well. Thanks for info.

OC Malibu
When I have to go out in a group, my friends and I rent Ocean Kayak Malibus. They are nice boats, not the fasting thing, but very stable when getting in and out if you’re in the water or not.

Hobie Oddysey or Heritage

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The Hobie Oddysey paddles fairly fast for a 14'tandem and is easy to climb on if you attach grab lines. The Heritage tandem is faster but not easy to climb into. You might find a used Cabo, but I think the other two boats are better.



Tandem SOTs
ARE BATHTUBS.(IMHO) It’s just the way things are ? You can have stability,(wide and slow) or speed and manuaverability, but not both in the same boat. At least with SOT’s


Have you paddled a heritage?
I don’t think so.

I kind of like my Cabo
although it hasn’t been on the water in almost a year. It was lots of fun when my son was younger, and it doesn’t paddle too badly for a 30" wide, barge-shaped hull. I probably should sell it, but I keep thinking I’ll use it again to get him out for longer distances and bigger water than he can do on his own yet.

Paddle SOLO sleep tandem… that way YOU or YOUR wife have options if one of you wants to stay behind for some reason… Check out the T-160…

What’s a T-160?

Any under 60lbs?
My wife & I paddled a tandem SOT on our honeymoon south of Cancun, Mexico and she liked the seating comfort and sitting up high and the stability, but that thing weighed a ton. There’s no way that I could carry it by myself (she doesn’t help) or load/unload it on the car.