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I have a friend that is wondering if there is a commercially produced tandem rec. boat that can also be paddled solo. I have seen a couple of canoes like this but he is interested in a kayak. Thanks in advance for the help.

I just found some Old Town models. Anyone have experience with them. Twin Otter and Loon tandems.

Those go solo
I hate tandem kayaks. But the Old Towns you speak of are pretty good. You can slide one of the seats to the middle and it paddles pretty good. The huge cockpit opening makes them a lot like a canoe.

I have the OT Loon 160T
I like it for its versitility. The big open cockpit allows the seats to be moved fore and aft as needed. I’ve gotten myself, my wife, and our two young 2/4yo boys in it.

While I have not paddled it solo, I have paddled it with just the 4yo, who is about 200 pounds less than me. Slide both seats about 14 inches forward, and I sat in the back seat. No issues with the bow rising two high.

The Old Town’s are every where. You should be able to get a used one for around $450. OT also used to make a Loon 138T tandem. If you’re going to be paddling solo more than double, this ir the way to go. I saw a couple on Ebay today.

Additionally, Wilderness Systems make about 4 different designs of the large open cockpit tandems. See:


Happy paddling, Don

tandem/solo paddler
i have a precption aurora that paddles solo works pretty good for a rec boat

Took my buddy to look at the Wildy
Pamlico 145T. His wife won’t let him bet a boat unless its a Tandem. He figures it is a small price to pay to get on the water. I probably shouldn’t have let him paddle mine. I think he caught some sort of bug or something from me or it.


I Paddle Mine Solo All The Time

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I also own an Old Town Loon 160T. Although my wife and I really enjoy paddling together, I often paddle solo as well.

I've taken several long river trips solo, the longest being 4 days and 95 miles down the Manistee River (Michigan).

I also enjoy paddling solo upstream several hours, then returning downstream.

Last summer, my friend and I took turns paddling my boat and his rented Loon 138. I found it just as easy to paddle my 160T. Of course, tight turns were a little easier with the 138.

By the way, the 138 is also available as a "tandem" called the 138T. This is simply the 138 with a forward seat. You've got to be pretty small to use that seat. There is a BIG difference between the 138 and the 160 in this respect.

Around here, there are several places that rent the Loon 160T. Maybe you could find one around you.

Remember, it's not a sea kayak and doesn't paddle like one. But, I love mine because I understand its strengths and weaknesses.

Good Luck!

mountain shop…
last time I went to mountain shop for a flotation bag for my Pamlico 140, they had alot of pamlico 135t’s. I think they had 4.