target paddle, anyone tried it?

Hi, I was looking for a cheap second set of kayak paddles to have around and found a pair at target for 29.00 with slightly curved blades and padded handle. Anyone ever use them? Like or dislike?

Cheap Paddles
Just my opinion. Buy the same paddle as you use for your primary as your spare. Cheap paddles are heavy and don’t give you the same results as a good paddle does. You don’t put re-treads on a Ferrari. Happy Paddling. Vaughn Fulton

I wouldn’t rely
on a paddle from target for much. Maybe it’s just as good as the cheaper paddles at a paddle shop, but I wouldn’t count on it. And less so if it was from walmart.

Unless, of course…
You’re talking about getting a cheap 48" canoe paddle to use as a spare on your rec kayak. They work great in the tight, twisty streams, you can use them to pole yourself off gravel bars, etc. without worrying about damaging them, and all you kayakers who don’t know canoing skills can learn them.

I was at Walmart last week and they had an armload of them. I almost picked myself up a new one.

I saw those too.
I currently have the day tripper paddles and they are rather bulky and always rub blisters on my hands if I paddle for longer than three hours, but all the other paddles I have looked at and liked cost upward of $200 and I hate to spend that much to “test” them out.

Was thinking the target ones might be an option for half day trips on a sit on top.

One day I will look into gettting a touring kayak, but right now, they are all out of my price range.

I’ve used the kayak paddles on a canoe, but never the canoe ones on a kayak!

A paddle is a pretty simple thing
It you are talking about a spare to strap on deck in th event you dump and lose your primary paddle, I don’t see a problem with a cheap paddle. You should be able to figure out whether it will not fall apart in such a situation by looking it over.

But if you are actually thinking of using it, or making your friend use it when he uses your second boat, I’d go with something like a $100 Carlisle Magic as a second paddle. The difference between one of those clunky $29 paddles and even a $90-100 paddle is enough to make the latter worth it.

I’ll have to look into the Carlisle
I’ve been checking ebay and looking for good used ones- saw the Harmony ones on there. I would like to have a recreation set that won’t blow the budget if someone loses them, plus a better set for longer paddles in rougher waters.

you can get an even crappier paddle
at Walmart

If someone totally new to the sport wants to paddle and extra boat, they get a $35 paddle initially. If they break it so be it. If they do well, they move up to the decent stuff. In the event of a loss of a paddle, I would be completely happy to have a $25 stick to get me home, even heavy, clumsy, too long or short, etc. At least I’m going home, (or to look for the good paddle).