Tarp pole length

I’m going to buy a 1.9oz 10x14 tarp and some tarp poles from CCS. Often there are no trees where I camp, so I need the poles. I’m a complete tarp beginner and was wondering what size poles to get; CCS offers 83"-92" and 63"-72". It’ll mostly be used for shade, so I thought maybe a lean-to may be a good start.

What’s the best way to tie the tarp loop to a pole? Can you tie it lower down the pole with a clove hitch? I guess pole length wouldn’t matter then.

Any input would be appreciated.

You can use a stuff sack over a paddle.
My wife makes nylon stuff sacks with a piece of webbing sewn a few inches below the sacks open end. The webbing wraps around the bag and is sewn down with a bar stitch every couple inches. You put the bag over a kayak paddle, half paddle, or canoe paddle, cinch the drawstring around the shaft. Then tie or carabiner the tarp to one side and guy lines to the other. The sack carries the tarp and lines and a tall skinny bag carries stakes and fits over a Greenland paddle.

Cliff Jacobsen has great videos on how to trick out your tarp along with tips for rigging.

Two tarps can be even more valuable, for a roof/ wall setup. Learn to vary your setup according to what Mama nature gives you to work with.

Good Luck


ccs has the loops. at the corners.

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Its easy to tie paracord off then make a loop in it to fit over the top of the pole. I have these poles that have a nub on the top for tying off.

Personal preference for height. Low tarps give me claustrophobia. I have two Noahs Tarp poles

Getting another two


There are other poles. Not saying they are the best but they have worked ok. We use them to supplememt when we are missing that third or fourth tree.

tarp poles
I use 6’ long Eureka nested aluminum poles. Mainly use these when pitching the CCS tarp on the beach where there are no trees. I bought two of these poles and use a paddle or my stick it pin anchor for my third pole.

What I really love is the ease of the Z Pack line lock adjuster. I can easily move these around where I need it using an aluminum carabiner. Spectra cord is attached through the line lock and long enough to reach the sand stakes


Painters poles

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I've used painters poles with great success, they're adjustable and sturdy, but depends if you can get them to fit in a hatch. Three poles work great, with two making up the typical lengthwise ridgeline, and a third to prop open a porch door for ventilation and views. A typical clove hitch will work great for attaching to the poles, also a truckers hitch tied slippery on the anchor side works great for getting the most tension and comes apart quickly. Trekking poles work great if you want a lower to the ground setup to hunker under, and take up little space in a hatch. Cat cut tarps are great at shedding wind if you're in a windy location.
Although I appreciate gear that is multifunctional, I don't like using my paddle for a tarp pole. I've seen high end paddles get sawn up by p-cord in windy conditions, but maybe others have better results.

I carry campmor
nesting aluminum poles when traveling on the tundra. They are big and heavy. They can get stuck in the nested position. I make do. But I have found it to be difficult to get a big tarp set up solidly on sand in the wind. A real struggle at times. I do love my CCS tarps though. They are well made. They hold up if you take care of them.

Painter poles
Been using painter poles(2 medium/2 large size) with 2 different CCS tarps I own. Have been using the poles for over 5 years; no problems whatsoever.

Hint: After you’re home; extend poles to full length, place in sun & store them bone dry.

I usually use the taller length poles when I want the tarp set up at a higher height. Sometimes I also use the shorter poles to raise the sides higher.

Having problems setting up tarp on sand?

Carry along 5 or 6 stuff sacks you no longer use. Fill them with sand for ballast on guy lines, or on top of stakes.


Never mind buying poles
You might have some now that are for other uses.

We have segmented poles for roof rakes ( snow country) and hooked poles for skykights . Never heard of a painters pole. The reason is we just jam the roller in the empty 5-17 foot roof rack pole. Same thing.

We also have a collapsible boathook for docking motorboats.

So look around your house perhaps.

Those Kelty poles
sure look like a good value in comparison, though they’re not adjustable. I don’t know if that matters much.

MSR Zing
You could get a cat cut tarp and two poles for close to the same price as that ccs tarp. Would probably even out with shipping. http://www.backcountrygear.com/msr-zing-yellow.html?gclid=CK7Z47Ltu8oCFYMXHwodolkHiA

CCS Tarp
Is worth every penny. If mine would ever get damaged, I would buy another one.