Tarpon 100 leakage

I just bought a new 2015 Tarpon 100 and took it to the lake yesterday. Spent 2 1/2 hrs on lake, then when trying to load it into truck, I realized the boat had taken in so much water I couldn’t even lift it! Has anyone experienced this much leakage with this boat?

Take it back.
It should not leak at all. I regularly paddle an ancient Tarpon 100 in my volunteer river patrol work at the state park, and it does not get water in the hull at all.

You did check to make sure the drain plug was in tight?

Absolutely take it back!
you didn’t leave the drain plug open, did you?

Tarpon 100
Thanks for the info, Sissy…I took it back to the dealer so they could look into it!

Tarpon 100
No, lol, it was closed!!

If you bought it new,
and it’s defective, they should replace it.

And don’t let anyone tell you that “all SOTs get a little water in the hull.” They don’t. I paddle a Hurricane Skimmer 128 that always comes back dry as a bone.


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Are notorious for scupper leaks,they get a bad run occasionally. If you get a good one it will last forever. If it leaks when new they will replace it.

That’s what I thought…hopefully the hatch replacement will fix the problem.

Greyhawk is right.