Tarpon 100 or Tarpon 120

I am having trouble making a decision on the 100 or 120. I have 3 other sit-ins but want to buy a sot. 6’4" about 240 would the tarpon 100 be to small?

You would not be happy in a Tarpon 100. Might want to try the 14 footer while you’re looking at them.

Try the 140 and 160. A 10 or 12 foot
boat will get someone your size nowhere fast.

Yes way too small.
For only a few pounds more in weight the 120 has better handling for your weight and is faster. I’m 225 and I have the 160. I’d recommend at least a 120 but you’ll be far happier with a 140 or a 160.

Why would you need one smaller than the 160? I can think of lots of reasons to have the longer one.

Get the 140. Ny brother string just baought one after having the 160 for years. He is 6-6 and 235. Likes it.

Get the 140
I have a Tarpon 140. I am 6’ and weigh 260. I was 280 when I bought it. Its fine for my weight. The 140 would be minimum. If you can store the 160, I would get that one. It does weather cock with a tail wind, but if you put weight in the tail section it should fix that. Your next big decision is if you want a rudder or not. I would get the rudder if you get the 140 or 160, My wife has a 120 and I almost swamp it when I turn it. The 120 is for a smaller person.

the Tarpon 160, I’m 6-2/215 and generally like the kayak. One big negative is when in big/rough waves, it will pearl and I get lots of water coming over the deck. As I camp with mine, one needs to make certain the your gear is really packed in drybags/waterproof bags as the hatch does leak some. Another excellent kayak is the Ocean Kayak Prowler 15’ or Trident 15’. The bow is more upswept on both and I have never had water coming over the deck in my Prowler and the hatch is leak proof.

The new Tarpons have greatly
improved hatches. I too have done some serious nose diving in mine.I kinda liked seeing the water fly when it popped out.I can’t speak to any boat but mine, but my bro had a Phoenix with an upturned bow. Big wind problem. You won’t get that from a Tarpon.

A buddy of mine about your size (a little heavier, a little shorter) has a Ride 135. When we float smaller creeks, he likes to borrow and use my spare Tarpon 120 for the better maneuverability on moving water. He says it’s fairly comfortable and handles him and his gear well but says the seat feels just a little snug.