Tarpon 100 vs. Ocean Kayak Frenzy

Okay, it has come down to these two. Thoughts? The Frenzy is cheaper. I am 5’9" and 160lbs. I’ll want to rig it for fishing – lakes, in shallows, panfish, bass, etc. Anyone have experience with both of these? Thanks for any help!!


The Frenzy is a popular kayak for those
who run baits into the surf for fishing big fish, particulary sharks. It handles surf well, so will handle anything you run into on small lakes and slow creeks/rivers. From what I’ve researched and talked to people about it, the Frenzy paddles ok, but is no burner. Its wide and stable, and makes a good fishing platform. Not the roomiest boat in the world, but for what you want, it’ll work fine. Its as roomy as any other short keyak will be. Because of the price, its one I’ve considered for creek and small river fishing where I have to get out and tow the kayak over low spots and sand/gravel bars.

Don’t know much about the Tarpon 100, but would assume it paddles a bit faster than the Frenzy. Wilderness Systems makes good kayaks, very popular with the bay fishing crowd, but, then, so is Ocean Kayak. Someone else will have to address the benefit of fishing from one…maybe Yak-a-lou, he has or had one in his fleet, email him.

Advantages for the T-100:

  • Tankwell that will accept a milk crate. Even if you don’t use a milk crate the T-100 will have more storage space.
  • I believe the T-100 will track a little straighter but no kayak under 12’ is gonna track very well.

    They’re probably equal in durability. Weight is pretty close to equal.

    Advantages for the Frenzy:

    *Looks to me like the Frenzy would be the better designed, of the two, for the ocean. It’s bow looks like it’s made for taking waves.

    *Price advantage goes to the Frenzy.

    Dat’s my thoughts.

I love my frenzy
but recommend the tarpon over it for fishing.

True dat about the Frenzy in surf
My Frenzy was my first boat, and then I bought a yak board that supposedly was OK’s boat specially for surfing. Found the Frenzy actually surfs better. I powered my Frenzy through the surf this weekend out into the clearest, blueest beach water I have seen in Galveston in a long time. The Frenzy just handles waves so well, it’s such a stable boat.