Tarpon 120 vs Manta Ray 120

 I know this topic has come up before but I was unable to find it in the archives.<br />
 For floating mostly slow rivers with I's and II's which is the better kayak? <br />
 Keep in mind that the users are a 6' tall and 140# female and a 6' 220 male. Which boat tracks better, has better speed, and maneuvers the best? It will be used for a combo of fishing and paddling. Also keep in mind that the user will have to keep up with a Tsunami 125 or an Acadia 12.5 on the flat stretches.<br />
 Are there others I have missed that should be considered? How much performance do you lose with a 10' version of these boats? I am not interested in anything longer that the 12' range.

Manta Ray is all around better IMO NM.

Flip a coin. The Manta Ray

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will be dryer, both are competent SOT's. The Tarpon may have a bit better finish...some complain that fittings on the MR come loose easily. If you like to sit side saddle, the Tarpon is the better boat. For seat comfort, the Manta Ray. You will not be disappointed with either.

The 12 ft will track better, but at least one person I know who has access to all the MR's prefers the 10 footer most of the time. If interested in something in the 10 ft range look at the Malibu Mini-X also. The Mini-X works well with 6 footers and those of 200+ lbs.

I like my Tarpons…
Tarpon or Manta at 12’ and 200 pounds equals wet butt. 6’ tall won’t have enough leg room either, most likely. I am 6’ and paddle a 14’ Tarpon and am thinking of going to a 16’ version.

Another boat?
Really? Allsky are you trying to create your own armada so you can declare war on someone? :slight_smile: You’re buying boats more often then I grocery shop.

Both Good Boats
I paddle a MR12. Never had a single problem with hardware like someone else mentioned. My wife paddles an Acadia 12.5 and I don’t have problems keeping up with her, though the fact she isn’t a strong paddler probably helps. I’m 6’-1" and stay around 250#. Plenty of leg room and the MR12 handles all the rivers I paddle in OH,KY,VA and WV. Suffer from a litle wet butt occasionally, but when you paddle class II-III in a SOT you gotta expect it. Paddled an MR10 several times and am thinking about adding one of those to my fleet too.

Tarpon 12 is also a fine SOT. Don’t think you could go wrong with either yak.

Now that’s funny.
Actually, as I mentioned in another post, I am blaming it on my mid life cisis. LOL. Remember, I am 44 and have only been seriously paddling about 5 years now. Guess I am making up for lost time. :slight_smile:

This boat is more for my gf than me. She has this fear of getting trapped in a water filled SINK. Not sure how that happened other than this itty bitty little incident we had the first time she ever yaked. She filled my Acadia full of water and we had a tough time gettin it out of the river.

Speaking of water filled yaks. I filled my Tsunami 125 with water Sunday going over a 3’ ledge on the James River. Glad that thing has two bulkheads. She made it over in the Acadia with no problem.

Ok…it’s back to the war room…uh, I mean back to reading SOT reviews. LOL.

Great feedback Dirty
She is paddling an Acadia 12.5 and I am paddling a Tsunami 125 right now. I think a MR or Tarpon may be a great fit for her needs. I told her that now is the time if she likes the MR. Looks like the MR as we know it is going away soon.

Both great boats
I’ve tried both and own a MR 14 and a Tarpon 160. They are both great boats. From what I’ve seen, the Tarpon tracks a little better, the MR is a little more maneuverable. The MR is a very high sided boat which I found handles waves coming from the side better. My MR is my “crossover” boat. It will also carry an immense amount of stuff (if you like camping), with very little change in how it handles.

Manta Ray
My wife paddles a Manta Ray 10 and keeps up with me in the SINK. All the Manta Rays handle well.

Weight for the two of you may not be as much a concern as height. I tried a 6-footer in the Manta Ray 10 this spring and though he would have been fine for weight, he maxxed out the footpeg rail without fully stretching his leg. He was much happier trying the Manta Ray 12.

Aaaand, I’m thinkin’ Dirty Ed has more gravity than he’s admitting…

At your advanced age, you should
retire and get some “toobes” to float the James. I have a couple around the house that I can let you have for a real cheap price. Your’e just going to float the Bent Creek section anyways…

Bent Creek Huh?
If we don’t get some rain soon, I may be hiking the James from Bent Creek to JRSP. LOL.

Just Curious
Seems like the Tarpon 12 would have greater speed being 3 inches narrower than the MR12.Any thoughts?

I appreciate all the great feedback on these boats.

Paddled the
Manta Ray 12 and the Tarpon 12 yesterday. The Tarpon did track a little better and was maybe a smidge faster. The MR is more maneuverable and with more volume I believe would be a drier ride The MR just felt a little better overall all things considered.

Thanks again for all the feedback. As stated,I could not go wrong choosing either of these boats.

Still got those “toobes”, let me know
if you want to try them out somewhere