Tarpon 140: Bulkhead or no bulkhead?

-- Last Updated: Nov-20-08 10:49 PM EST --

I just bought a 2008 WS Tarpon 140 and it doesn't have any bulkheads in it anywhere. Is this normal?
I did a search on both this site and the Web but can't find any specs that tell me what's up.

I'd be kind of surprised if it wasn't supposed to have any because if any of the three hatches come off in a flip, the entire boat is going to flood and sink to the bottom. :-O

I bought it as a used rental from a local outfitter so I should be able to get one if it's supposed to be there.......... I hope.

The boat is a 2008 and was bought new from WS by the outfitter, so wouldn't they have some sort of factory warranty that would cover that sort of thing (assuming there's supposed to be a bulkhead)?


Just guessing- but, normal.
Again- just GUESSING- but I’d think that the norm for SOTs is no bulkheads.

Seems like a bad design
sinse the water can reach everywhere even if only one hatch is lost or comes off in heavy seas.

Maybe that’s it… WS calls the Tarpon a “fishing kayak”. Maybe they don’t expect you to use it in open water with large swells or waves.

Mine has a rudder and I plan to use it everywhere.


no b/h
in any roto SOT out there.

to pop a hatch and fill the boat with enough water to sink it is impossible. in fact full of water the boat will float.

don’t worry, go paddling and enjoy!


go to texas kayak fishing forum and ask them! :wink: