Tarpon 140 vs Hobie Quest

I’m interested if anyone has any experience with both of these kayaks, and what they thought of them. I want a sit atop for playing around in the Sea of Cortez and feel these may be my best two choices. I’m 6’5" and 210lbs.

Thanks for any help.

Tarpon 14
I have the Tarpon. Great, high volume boat, a good all around SOT. That length is great because you can take it into open water and still use it in narrow rivers as well.

It has higher sides and a drier ride than many SOT’s so make sure you have no problems performing a self rescue on this boat. I’ve just paddled mine in freshwater, but it handles whitewater like a champ and has plenty of storage, it will have no problem with your weight, don’t know about your height, make sure you at least sit in, if not test paddle both boats before buying.

How about a T160? I am your size
and mine is the boat of choice for the ocean since I don’t do SINKs.

Also , check out the new Hurricane Aquasports Phoenix 160. Thermoformed plastic, a very dry ride, and a very quick boat.The original had a high bow and stern which made it a problem in the wind. They corrected that in the new ones. They also make a 140, but on big water , I want as much length as I can get.

I’ve had a Tarpon for years and love it – I have a 2001 model, from before they got all fancy with the seating.

In fact, I have a Pamlico and a Swifty that I’ll probably be selling soon and replacing with different Tarpons.

My experience has been that they’re excellent all-around.