Tarpon 140 w/ Hobie sail

I have a Tarpon 140. IMHO there is no better SOT.

I bought a Hobie Sail, had my Tarpon rigged for it. I had it out last night for the first time. I’ve never sailed before but it was an easy, amazing experience … just sitting there with my sail in the wind while my pals paddled.

The hard part…

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....is sailing up wind!


P.S. I would like to try it one day!

I live in Greensboro, NC. Would love to find others who have or would like to have a sail on their kayak. You are more than welcome to try mine out.

Thanks for the invite! If i find myself headed your way,i’ll give ya shout!


The only SOT superior to a T140 is a

Or the Liquid Logic Manta Ray, or the

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T120, maybe a Cobra of your chosing, how about a Malibu. Yea, the T140 a nice SOT, a bit wet, but nice. But most of the kayaks mentioned in the thread starter are good SOT's, its personal choice and use.

texaskayakfisherman.com and kayakfishingstuff.com are good places to check out SOT's. The latter also sells kayaks on the site, prices are comparable or better than local shops.