Tarpon 140

vs Heritage Redfish 14. Just wondering if anyone out there has paddled both; and your comments?!

Thanks in advance.

Paddled the Redfish, nice kayak, dry.

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The T-140 is know as a wet ride. The Redfish, Liquid Logic Manta Ray's, the new WS Ride, and Perception Search all are great kayaks right now and similar in many wats. Everyone does say the T-140 is quick. Best two places to get info on SOT fishing craft:



T140 wet/dry
The T-140 can be a wet ride depending on your body weight. If you are around 200lbs or less, the boat will sit high enough for the scuppers to function properly and drain away paddle splash, etc. If you are 200+ (or carry alot of gear) then the boat sits noticeably lower and water will bubble up through the scuppers. They can easily be plugged (the yellow scupper plugs from Ocean fit well). I keep a medium sized sponge in the floor between my feet to wick away the water that collects over time.

for all the info. I got the Redfish 14 this morning, though.

Looking forward to paddling tomorrow and Monday. Had a bad day at work Friday so Iā€™m taking a 3 day weekend to do more funner things.