Tarpon 160i Scupper Question

I wonder about the placement of the 2 extra sets of scuppers on the 160i. The 2 just forward of the seat get the horizontal part of your butt wet when you go over a wave and the 2 behind the seat get the verticle part.

The ones under your legs are obviously to drain the cockpit faster, but I don’t get the ones behind the seat.

They are getting plugged today.

plugging is OK
they are kiss offs for the hull. they connect the deck and hull with a stress riser creating a more rigid hull/deck.


Makes sense. Thanks Steve.

Plugged scuppers
I have had the 4 scuppers plugged on my 160i since purchase.

I’m 230+/- lbs and found I was staying way more wet than in my old 160. Like was mentioned earlier, these scuppers were mainly meant for hull stiffners, though with a heavier person (ME) they tend to flood the seat.

…on a side note, anyone other than me notice how differently the “i” paddles as compared to the “O” (original) model? I know…off topic a bit…sorry


160 vs 160i
Probably worth a new thread. I don’t have my 160 anymore, but still curious about this.

I think they paddle the same.
I had mine out in some rough water this past weekend and it was great.

I like the OLD one better. it has twice the hatches, and only TWO scupper holes. But string ought to know as hes owned both. but he all ready admitted that he wish he haddent got rid of his older T-160 so that says something!! I think WS went more for the REC/Fishing market with the new Tarpons… Still waiting for the T-180!!!

I too prefer original model
I have both, and they are not the same hull. Older model has more rocker, and much stiffer in waves and chop. “i” model has very little rocker,feels very “flimsy” in waves, bow dives under most waves, while “o” model rides up and over most stuff I run into in the Chesapeake, and ocean. I actually like both seats.

One thing I did notice at the local shop which had a few in stock lately of both…they seem to have different amounts of rocker, like production variances.

My “i” model is noticeably faster in the smooth stuff, but when it gets rough I’ll take the old model any day. Also my “i” turns like a battleship…rudder or not, while the old model will spin in it’s axis with about 2 sweeps.

I also prefer the two hatches as opposed to the tank well…I think my weight (230lbs) puts the hull a little too far in the water for what the scuppers were designed for…but again…my opinion…your mileage will vary.

Both are terrific boats, but since I picked up the original for $500 bucks…I think it’s the deal of the SOT world (at least in plastic boats)

All of my scuppers are plugged with exception of the two under your feet (feeble attempt to remain on topic here )