Tarpon and kayaks

I’ve been kayaking the St Sebastian River near Sebastian, FL and seeing a lot of tarpon rolling the surface. Looks like small ones (3-4 ft).

Am I nuts trying to hook into one of these from a Old Town Loon 160T? Caught one (18") small one but wondering how much of a sleigh ride I might be in for with a bigger one.

If it heads for the inlet I can always cut the line.

Any tips on technique would be helpful too.



No, just stay out of the ocean and keep
a knife handy if you have to cut the line.

rod alignment
Tarpon that size should be no problem, but as soon as you get hooked up, remember to keep your rod pointed to the bow, so you will be more stable, than if it was off to one side. When the fish tires, you can bring him along side. If at all possible, the best set up is to anchor off the stern, so you will be casting forward to the fish. That way, if they want to go for cover, you have some leverage to work with.

Good luck, I hope to get up there this summer.

Ocean and kayak
For me they don’t belong in the same paragraph. Maybe someday but not now.

Right kayak, right ocean, not too far
off shore, right weather, go for it.

Drift Chute
In addition to prevcious posts, if you’re in open water, a drift chute is in order. It’s also not a bad idea to have a buddy with you in case you get in trouble, or in case you have great luck and need a photographer. :slight_smile:

The buddy is mandatory unless you
are a fool. Shark have sharp teeth, Tarpon gill plats cut quickly, and big fish are not easy to get into the kayak if you want to go to shore for a p icture session.

I have caught
many tarpon in the 3’ size from canoe, and I have had an at least 140 Lbs fish on for quite awhile. The fish dragged me around and I pumped myself up to the fish several times.

Good luck.