Tarpon - Class 4 River Runner?

Forget Swiftys in class 2. How about a Tarpon in the New River Gorge? :slight_smile:

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This sunday paddling started as a why not try it day. Lets start the day before.

Hey Nori do you want a sit on top?


Hey Nori I will give it you you cheap.

NO!!! I just bought a Mirage(only 100 bucks)

Hey Nori I will sell this for 100 bucks

Yes!! I just bought it for the cheap price…

Anyway Sunday moring comes along and Gualey is only Releaseing 350 CSF.

Time for the lower new with the new Sit on top. What I have bought is Wilderness system Tarpon 100. Made for Fishing… Made for class 0 Boating. Flat water.

Why not take down class 4 big water river. I have been down this river 100 times. I think I can do this. If anyone asks what the F are you doing I will just respose as “I just bought this boat yesterday and I am going to take it down the Gorge” I was hoping to trick some Ohio boaters that I was going to kill myself.

Upper Railroad. Cleaned it. but at the wave under the Bridge I hit my buddy and swam.(that does not count as a swim)

Strided the swimmers rapid and fell off the boat(still does not count)

Surfed Ender No swim

Aced Kenney, Double Z and Gray hound.

Surfed the Grayhound Fliped and swam 8 times(Still does not count as a swim)

Then at the bottom of millers folly I hit the Poreover hole and Swam!!! There is the swiming Asain…

So I paddle a big water with sit on top made for fishing. Why not. Next trip will be Lower yough. I hope I can trick some keel hauler into convince me not to go down the Lower yough with a sit on top.

The swimming Asain

I Don’t Know…
The dude was out of his SOT how many times? And, most of them, are not “swims?” I don’t get it. You’re out the boat, you’re swimming. How does that not count?

If I were out of the boat that much, I would step way, way back from whatever he was paddling, or I just give it up all together. That’s just me.


Here’s the way I interpreted it
You can’t roll a stock-from-factory Tarpon, so I think he figured that swims while surfing or screwing around (“striding”=running a rapid while standing) don’t count. Thus, according to that logic, the only ‘real’ flip/swim was at Millers Folly. Personally, I would have counted his flip at RR as a swim, too.

Here’s How I Interpret It…
Having done one swim down a class IV, any reason going down a run like that, without a boat, no matter how you want to call it or not, just plain sux! :slight_smile:


Did you have Thigh straps?

It wasn’t me…
I would assume he didn’t have straps, or he wouldn’t have swum every time he flipped during a surf. I’ve seen people roll Torrents, so I assume a Tarpon would be rollable, too, with decent technique.

Go For It
I’ve been running rapids in my 14’ sit-on-top for several years now.

If I dump my boat in rapids I grab the thighstraps and climb back in. This replaces doing a roll for me.

There’s a new class IV+ on the Salmon, here in Idaho. It can rip you out of a kayak. At least with a SOT you can get back in and not count on someone rescueing your boat. I’ve been reading that about half the rafters who run this are flipping. I think I’ll drive down river and take some photos. Don’t know if I want to try it or not yet. Have to look first.

During high water season I hit a huge wall of water that washed me off my kayak. I was still able to hold on to the thighstraps and climb back on.