Tarpon (the fish)

There’s nothing as exciting as sight fishing for tarpon. I’m just learning the sport and want advice on lures and colors that have worked for you. I’ve had some success with: chartreuse Chug Bug, grey Chug Bug, blue mullet Super Spook, 5" twister type chartreuse jig, fire tiger Bomber long “A”, and 1/2 oz. gold weedless spoon. Some of the above mentioned plugs come with hooks that are too flimsy for tarpon and need upgrading. I use spinning tackle, but am also interested in what works for fly fishermen.

DOA Baitbuster
I’ve never done it (plan to this year) but the large DOA Baitbuster is a favorite lure for us west coast Florida folks.

Never used artificals for tarpon
always have used live pinfish or whole squid with great sucess. of course i’ve got a honey hole where the tarpon school up in large groups 80 or more at a time less than a hundred yards from shore. they have started showing up thick here in key west as the water has warmed up and I can’t wait for the next month’s migration . some of the sportfishing guy’s have been using a Mann’s deep diving lure that looks like a menhaden or shad, of course these lures are big and would require trolling.50 lb test line with a 150 leader is pretty much standard for dragging them. I personally use the Manns strech series deep divers and have done well on grouper