Tarpoon 140???????

I have the Pamlico 100 and it is nice but I have out grown it. I am looking at the tarpoon 140. I take my dog with me so i need something to support both of us plus I am wanting to take some weekend trips down the rivers nothing to bad, class II at the most. Plus i do fishing and just regular paddling. basically everything but whitewater rapids. So I was wondering if the would be a good choice?

tarpon 140
I use mine for fishing and its great for that. Should be good for your dog, but not sure how it is in fast moving rivers?

Tarpon 140
Hi, I think that you may want to look at the Wilderness systems Pungo 140, great tracking, handles class 2 with ease, lots of room for packing and your Pup with the large cockpit and depending on how large your dog is most of our customers have them curl up between their legs in the Pungos also there are many different types of skirts for them and some with long zippers that will make the boat perform in ruff water and return to touring in calm water with just a zip. Good luck with your search, Dave - Connecticut Outdoors, LLc

How large is the pup? Will he sit in the
tankwell behind you? I don’t think there is any room from the cockpit forward.

I think the T140 is great for what you want to do ,except the unknown pooch factor.

I paddle a 160.

I have owned a T-140 for about 3 years; I have used it for fishing in the Gulf. Its the only yak I have ever owned or paddled; but what I can tell you is that it is very stable and durable. I reguarly stand up and cast off it; as for the durablity I have scraped up against more oyster bars than I could imagine. The bottom of my yak looks like someone grinded it with a cheese grader with no leaks yet. If you want a stable yak for the dog go with the T-140 or Ride (wider but slower). The T-160 you gain some speed but lose some of the stability. For the rapids; don’t know we don’t have those on the Gulf.