Tarps vs. shadehouses

Which is better a tarp or shadehouse. I camp out of a kayak and usually no trees around just sand. Also would like to hike but haven’t yet so that is down the retirement road in a few years.

Just can’t decide which one to get considering I love to camp out and have neices and nephews and friends but also am in a small kayak.

Thanks for any input.

I carry one of the diamond shaped tarps ( I have a square one too) Also where I camp is usually on sandbars. It only requires 2 poles and I almost always travel solo. Works great for me…The square one takes 4 poles plus one in the middle and is harder to erect.

No need for trees. Use you paddles. You can bring a screen house if you convince a canoer to carry it for you. :slight_smile:

Use paddles
Our club President had a great idea. He made a nylon pocket with webbing around the mouth to fit over a greenland paddle. The tarp and guy lines tie to loops in the web to use it as a tent pole.

We took that one step further and made HD stuff sacks for the tarp, and another for the stakes and lines. Each has webbing and is large enough to fit over a euro paddle.



I carry a 10 x 12 Siltarp. It is made of silicone impregnated spinnaker material and packs down to the size of a softball. We camped with it at South Manitou Island and stayed nice and dry in a very strong set of storms with gale force winds. With loops all the way around the perimiter, you can shape it any way you like.

Cookes Custom Tarps
I have heard great things about these tarps. I saw one in use this year for the first time and when i buy a tarp in future, it will be one of these. Just not sure between the 2 thicknesses yet or the size.

I am of the opinion that tarps are more versatile, and easier to pack.

I have 2 different sizes of Cookes tarps, and use them with regularity. They make a quality product.

With the right combination of stakes, poles, and

paddles, I have yet to find a place where I couldn’t get one rigged, whether trees are available or not.