Tavern Creek Canoe

A good friend of mine just showed me a canoe her husband had got befor he died. it has been stored inside their warehouse here in so cal since he obtained it and has never been in the water. It is a beautiful wood 18 foot canoe and she has no idea of it’s worth. I tried to look up Tavern Creek Canoes on google but have not had any luck. Any help would be appreciated. richard

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Looks like Mr. MidKiff closed his canoe building business.

BTW, if you come up empty on a Google search, sometimes you get different results if you use quotation marks around your search term.

Tavern Creek Canoe
thank you, will try the "

Tavern Creek Canoes
Tavern Creek Canoes was my Father’s business and my first job. My brother still repairs them for former customers every once and a while. We used to have an 18 ft that was probably the prototype for that one. We also had a 20ft that was 4 ft side in the middle. That model didn’t sell a lot. Mostly just standard 16 ft two person and 13-15ft solo and white water canoes.

I’ve thought recently of starting the business again as I moved and have the physical space now. But for now thats just a pipe dream.