Taylorsville Lake, KY advice or other

Heading from CT to Missouri and wanted to drop a paddle in KY. Figure this is fairly close to main drag (need to get on I 64 when done). Also looked at Lake Jericho which would be even more convenient but saw no write ups for it. Anyone local have any other suggestions for a couple hour paddle that would be pretty and not big boat consumed. Thanks Chris

Ideas Cincy to Louisville areas
Open for suggestions anywhere in between or near 71 or 64 as don’t want to go too far off from these just for the short time I have going through area. If anyone knows of small lake(s) I’d appreciate hearing from them. Not enough time to set up shuttle stuff and only have 1 car that I can’t clone!!! Thanks Chris

Taylorsville Lake
Taylorsville Lake at Van Buren ramp. Beaver Lake in Lawrenceburg. Ky River in Frankfort. Elkorn Creek north of Frankfort-Canoe Ky.com.

when are coming through?
we could do a short paddle on the upper new in duckies, take out about 25 min from I64 in Beckley WV