Does anyone have any personal experience with the new TCS material that some manufacturers are now offering? I understand repairs for composite and poly boats, but how does one repair TCS? Is this material as good as they claim? Thanks in advance for any info you can give. I’m looking at the CD kestrel for a swamp-slow river boat. Thoughts? Thanks again.

Why are you worried about repairs?
If you are only swamping and paddling slow rivers, you could buy a pure fiberglass boat and have something which would never break and would be easily repairable. I had a fiberglass solo for 30 years, beat it to death on class 1-2 whitewater, and never broke the boat in a way that would leak.

A glass boat
was what I really had in mind. Than along came this TCS plastic. I think you’re right about the glass. Thanks for the advice.

If it’s like carbonlite
Eddyline “Carbonlite” is pretty tough stuff. I watched a carbonlite Merlin bounce from the third level of a kayak trailer onto asphalt and it only got scraped a little (remembering to strap the boat down is preferred, though).

On the otherhand it might be worth asking the manufacturer how to repair the material. If it can’t be done, do you want the boat?