Teacher for learning to roll

Just wondering if there is anyone experienced in the south coast mass, ri, or eastern ct region that would be willing to help me learn to roll my yak safetly.


Welcome. I’m on the upper cape, also need to learn how to roll. Will be watching for other responses…

Watch the demo vids and see what you can learn with the full vids
Check paulo’s online courses

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A tough year for that with most events canceled. You might reach out here: http://www.kayakways.net/index.php to see if they are doing anything. I think that this person is down your way: http://kayakhipster.com/ you might reach out to him for his thoughts.

I am a certified instructor and do teach other (non-roll) courses, but know a lot of roll instructors in my area (northern CA). In general, none are teaching rolling now. Too much concern about the amount of close proximity time the instructor and students have together, and they haven’t found masks that work when one is getting wet like that.

Side note - I avoid the roll courses because it is hard on my gimpy back yanking folks back upright. Nothing to do with covid or anything like that.

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If you’re wanting to roll a longer boat… not whitewater… consider a Greenland paddle. My roll improved right away when I switched to a Greenland. Just my experience.

Most people learn a competent roll in a swimming pool with an instructor. It is common to find classes if you look around. Maybe not this year, but in a normal year. You can take a class in the winter.

What boat do you have? Some are easier to learn in than others. So you may be in a situation where you would do better finding a situation where you could borrow or rent a boat that makes it easier.

The Covid situation is a concern. Information is that the testing situation in Massachusetts is pretty good now, maybe the other two states but I don’t know. if you can find an instructor, you could try and get tested just before doing the work.