Tear in neck gasket

I just discovered a 3/4-inch tear in my drysuit neck gasket. (Didn’t know the power of my own neck!) Any experience with this sort of thing? Can I fix it, or does it need to be replaced?

From the outer edge in, perpendicular to the main edge

Replace it (nm)

Ditto That…
kokatat site has directions for DIY.

http://www.ossystems.com carry different size neck gaskets. You can actually order something that fits your neck better, if that’s an issue, without trimming too much. For example I’m short in height but have a medium built. When I changed my neck gasket, I ordered a medium neck gasket rather than a small.


McNett makes a
glue made for neoprene that will give a flexible repair that is stronger than the neoprene, have used it on my cold water neoprene gloves.


TEMPORARY repairs can be made…
…with a bicycle patch. It will last long enough for you to order a new seal and glue, and make the forms for replacing it.

very temporary
I’ve found bicycle patches to be very temporary. If it’s ripped it’s probably because it needs to be replaced.

The best success I’ve had has been with Aquaseal, it’s pretty great stuff, about $4-5 a tube. Masking tape one side; sand, clean and cover the tear from the other side; then reverse & repeat.


You just gave my a great idea!
Duck Tape!!!


(PS: Thanks for all the other advise! But there’s no way I’m gonna turn around and shell out another $35 on a brand new gasket when the suit itself is practically brand new.)

Aquaseal and a hunk of latex
I did a “temporary” repair on my neck seal using thinned Aquaseal and a piece of old latex gasket two winters ago, still going strong.

I’Ve Used Temporary Patch
on an edge tear long enough to get a replacement. Aquaseal and rubber over the area.

It’s does suck to have tp get a new gasket for a new suit. But how dry (and safe) the suit is greatly determined by the integrity of the gaskets.