teenzy-weenzy GPS question

i’m looking at the garmin site and notice that they all say factory loaded with one of three basemaps and:

“Garmin mapping units come with built-in, permanent basemaps that cannot be altered.”

does this mean if i want to use it in overseas (i.e. in the mediterranean) i need to purchase another one with a different basemap?



Pretty much so…
If you get a U.S. Garmin… it will have the U.S. basemaps installed. The basemaps are really just main highways… if you really want decent mapping you will need to buy the map set for your area regardless and the basemap is then defunct.

The units are most excellent and useful with the additional purchased maps installed.

Changing basemaps
My Garmin allows me to load different basemaps. The new ones are loaded onto the memory card where my detailed maps data is also loaded.

I use my GPS for international travel and have a card for the US, ( US Basemap, Northeast, and parts of Arizona and Hawaii; 512mbs doesn’t hold all of the US)and another card for Germany ( Almost all of Germany plus parts of the surrounding countries; France, Austria, Luxemberg etc).World basemap

I use city maps Select versions. ( Came with US and I bought the European V6 and Garmin gave me the V7 update free )

My set-up disk has the change basemaps software on it.

The Garmin works great but the initial loading and set-up can be a pain due to Garmin’s protection of their intellectual property and all it entails. I did notice that the newer European V7 is easier so they seem to improve. Call Tech assist or email them they answer email very quickly

so, if i understand correctly…

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when you load a "new" map, it completely supercedes the basemap.

that was kind of my next question:

when you load a map in, is it like a transparent layer with the new markings that sits on top of the basemap, or is it a completely new map to be used in place of the basemap?

thanks for your reply :-)

which model is that, please
i looked on their website for one that was basemap-changeable and could not find anything.

of course, after looking at six or seven items, they all started to look the same /-).



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I have had a couple of Garmin's units (GPS III Plus and an eTrex Legend) and have used both overseas in Europe and the South Pacific.

The way the maps work on both of my units is that it will supercede just the area you downloaded. That is if you download a more detailed map of say SC using their Mapsource software then it will be your map of SC not the basemap. The unit will still maintain the basemap for other areas. The basemap just does not have as much detail. As far as using it overseas, Garmin offers the World Map which gives you a downloadable basemap of the entire planet. They also have Mapsource titles that cover Europe and South America.

Hope this helps,

Simple is good
I have the basic Garmin Etrex,no mapping, have used it for paddling or hiking in Scotland, England and Mexico. You upload destination waypoints, or enter by hand and it works fine. Great for kayaking, mapping is not really necessary but cool. If you actually go somewhere where you need a GPS make sure you have a hard copy map and compass. Batteries fail, and satelites can be blocked out in heavy teees and storms.

thanks, everyone
for you input.

re “simple is better”…

in most respects i agree, but, having looked at teh garmin site and noticed that gps with the ability to ping some distant satellite (at least i assume that is what they do) and let you know where you are seem like a pretty handy item.

i cannot remember precisely, but i think those same models also measured your altitude, and the like? or maybe that was a feature of downloadable topo maps.

i just think that would be an interesting thing to be able to track.