Tektite NavLight

I noticed someone gave a review of it recently. Just a supporting recommendation to anyone seeking signaling/emergency lighting like a strobe that this is THE best navlight(red/green) around. It would make more sense to get something like this than get a strobe as your first item to carry.

More often than not I see folks with strobes and sub standard white/running lights. In busy harbors or events those same folks are running with dim lights or realizing how invisible they are put on the strobe which is illegal and the wrong use.

The Tecktite navlight is VERY BRIGHT which is a much better way to communicate to boating traffic your presence and direction than a swiveling headlamp or a dim yellow 2AA cell pfd light.

I went by anchored yachts and had more than one or two folks on them comment how bright it was and better than the Dcell one on their inflatable dinghies.

My vote, too
I’ve used one for the last two seasons. Used on inland reservoir with fishing and pleasure boat traffic. Mostly fishermen after dark as the sailboats anchor/tie together and party in the middle of the lake. Nice bright light. Walking away from the beached yak and looking back it is visible from quite a distance.

it takes some fiddling
with the black nylon cover to reduce direct glare but even with all the light spilling onto the deck it doesn’t mess with night vision.

The bright little headlamps seem like a good idea but they really aren’t if you want to be seen.

15k candlepower flashlight
If I really want to be seen or to spotlight deer on shore I have a Streamlight Stinger rechargable that does the job quite nicely. Since I don’t paddle in areas with heavy commercial traffic I usually like to keep a pretty low profile.