telescoping fishing poles

Where can I find telescoping fishing poles at a decent price and decent quality?

Not sure there is such a thing as
decent quality telescoping fishing rods.

I prefer multiple piece rods that come with a hard fishing rod case.

Fly rods are often made this way, and they are called Travel Rods. More and more, spinning rods, and even heavy duty bait caster rods, are being made.

Penn makes a travel Rod series that is ecent, their bait casters better than spinning as the first eye on the spinning rods is too small, and limits casting distance.

Temple Fork Outfitters makes an AWESOME travel rods series, their spinning rods are wonderful.

(I noticed they also have bait casting rods when I looked up this link… Hmmm… I also noticed they now have 9’ 4 piece spinning rods, which for a kayak fisherman is awesome… You can keep the fish clear of the yak much easier with a longer rod, when they decides to pass under the yak… Point the rod to the end, and place the end of the rod past the bow/stren, and let the fish go to the other side…)

Shimano is also making travel rods, as does Browning. I cannot confirm the quality of these rods, as I have yet to find a place that sells them that I can actually try them out before using.

Best thing about Travel Rods, many have lifetime warranties for damage. Makes a $120.00+ rod valuable if you only need to replace it once.


Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops
Many people prefer multi-piece pack rods to telescoping rods however.

Both Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops have telescoping rods available. Don’t buy the cheapest Zebco or Shakespeare you can find, or you will be disappointed and frustrated. Spend a little more money and get a lot more quality.

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Go with pack rod!
I have one of the cheaper telescoping rods and it is a piece of crap. Having to fish with it almost makes you not want to fish at all.

I bought it to take along as a backup on float trips.

It is not at all fun to use. It’s better than nothing but not by much. My kayak is now setup so that i can take four standard rods so i no longer need it. Go with a pack rod.

For panfishing they are fine

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A little telescoping rod with a microreel and maximum of 8# test is fine for catching little panfish, like sunfish for those on freshwater, or for me, just dinking around catching sandtrout in the bay. I've got a Shakespeare like that I've had since early in college, telescopes to 5', and now going on 14 years later, it's still great for taking on a trip where I don't expect to fish, but would like to be able to if I saw a nice little cove with good shore access, but larger ones for larger fish just aren't robust enough. I'd recommend a takeapart rod in a case.