telescoping rods

Does anybody use a telescoping rod? Do you have a for or against opinion?

I don’t but …

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...... they could be handy and store easy .

I don't think I'd prefer the telescoping rod's action to the one piece , but I reckon it wouldn't bother me too much in certain circumstances . It couldn't hurt to have one along and use it now and then while still taking the regular rod ... who knows , I might not mind it at all ??

My guess is they make some pretty decent telescoping rods now a days ... not kids stuff .

For certain situations
where fishing isn’t the primary purpose of the outing, sure, I bring one along.

Have had one for many years.
A Zebco lightweight rod, which came with it’s own reel and hard case. Actually a pretty good rod and reel, in it’s day. I don’t use it much these days because my newer ultra-light spinning combo is a finer setup, but I would still not feel slighted if I had to use it. I sure as heck ain’t getting rid of it.

Pros - Easy storage and portability, especially in a cased package like mine. It could be that rod you always have with you (as it was for me for quite some time).

Cons - I’m under the impression that it will cost more to get the same lively feel, compared to a one-piece or a take-apart rod. Repair-ability may be an issue.

Korean Experience
What is the typical rod length you all are using for bass and for saltwater casting/trolling/bottom fishing?

Korean experience on more time
I’ve been out here in South Korea for a couple years now and they love em. It seems like they should make Kayak fishing easier just because you could get them to the water easily while focusing more on moving the yak, but I am still wondering about how well they will perform…yea, I will be returning with a few to try out!!

I prefer a high quality 3 or 4 piece
travel rod.

My experience with telescopic rods is that they are likely to break at the point the sections coonect when fully extended.