Tell me about Curtis Bluegill

I have 2 old Curtis canoes an 87 vagabond and 84 solo tripper. They are Kevlar, and I like both boats. I am curious about the Bluegill, but saw no reviews for it. I figured some of you good people can enlighten me, and I can castoff my ignorance!

Why not contact Dave Curtis and ask

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Thanks that was just the info I needed

Don’t think many were made, but
I do believe someone here has or had one. Yanoer, maybe?

There is a tan one for sale made in 83
It is in good shape, but I feel my 84 solo tripper does what I want better.

No Bluegill, but Vagabond & Lady Bug.
Sold the Vagabond last fall.


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The BlueGill was the wide ride of the Curtis solos. 14.4 in length it was 31 in wide with a 27.5" waterline, for a Length/Width ration of 6. It had bubble sided tumblehome and came out of a split mold which was the end of it.

The physics of split molds has an indent, hog developing at the inboard split point, then the mold cracking at the split. BlueGill split in mid 80s, LadyBugs and Bell's Merlin molds in the mid 90s. A couple of Swift's one piecer split molds gave up the ghost in the first decade of the 21st century as well.

It's hardly cause for mourning, split molds cannot be sealed to allow infusion construction anyway.

Best modern replacements? Bell's new Phoenix at 14.5X30 or Colden's WildFire 14 X 30 or a Bluewater Mist, 14'10" X 30.5 which comes out of a Sawyer Autumn Mist mold, the latter two Yost designs as was the BlueGill.