Tell me about the Mad River Indy??

Thinking of picking up a Mad River Indy solo. Love to hear pros, cons and anything else about this canoe??

Thanks Steve

Which Indy, the new one
(Its by Vermont Canoe) or the old one which everyone I have met that has one is happy with…I have only paddled one for ten minutes.

The new Indy has higher sides…which was one of the potential downsides of the old Indy which was a not a big lake boat reportedly.

Vee Bottomed

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The Indy, old and new, is V bottomed with minimal rocker. It is ~fast, tracks well and doesn't turn readily; the bow not wanting to draw to the paddle but the stern skidding out nicely when heeled outside, away from, the turn.

V bottoms do not respond well the the more usual inside heel; it presents a nearly vertical bottom to the water which resists skidded turns.

Keep a little weight aft, the obverse is problematical.

its here
on pnet for sale in florida. I see the MR logo so I would think it’s the old, not new. Not sure what seller means by “some glass”.

"some glass"
He is probably referring to K-glass, basically just fiberglass with kevlar reinforcements in a few places.

The MR Indy is a good boat. It’s got decent speed, and heeled well the stern will skid ok. Bow is very sticky, IMHO. It deals with the wind very well. And it’s got pretty lines. The boat is really easy to like, even if it’s not the freshest design on the water.

Jim Henry’s Art and Magic
I’ve got a glass Mad River Independence that I like an awful lot.

I shouldn’t like her near as much as I do. The shallow V that just aggravates me in my Explorer seems to work for the Indy.

She’s no racer but she isn’t slow.

She’s got relatively little freeboard which is good in the wind but less good in the waves.

She doesn’t really spin. That shallow V keeps her holding her line. She does maneuver nicely when you put her over on her side.

I mostly use her on small, twisty, slow moving streams where she puts a big grin on my face.

Something in the way she moves…

Mad River Indy
Great boat. The Vermont Canoe version is similar and worth paddling. Made by some of the employees from MRC when it was based in Vermont.