Tell us your Baja stories

Hi everyone,

How many of you Baja fanatics have paddled in the Sea of Cortez? I’ve done several short trips to Baja for sea kayaking (and some canoeing) and exploration, so I have an idea of what it’s like. But, I figure we all look for different experiences and different things are important to us… So, for those of you who have paddled in the Sea of Cortez, what was your trip like? What things amazed you? What things made it difficult? What do you look forward to experiencing again and what do you hope to never again encounter there?



Tell us your Baja stories

I started to post the story here and never finished. I posted the whole thing in four parts from Jan 6 to 12 on touring, with a link to the photos.


The Wind
Winds are the biggest challenge on the Sea of Cortez. It’s possible to be shore bound for a couple of days. Having said that Baja is my favorite place to go. I’d live there if I could. November is my favorite month but it can be windy. Water temps are in the 80s south of Loreto. I’ve paddled the over 100 mile stretch from Aqua Verde to La Paz. There’s nothing north of the border that can compare.

Don’t be afraid to eat anywhere there. Be adventurous. The dining is fantastic.

Baja food
what foods did you eat? did you carry prepackaged foods or buy fresh along the way?

Baja is looking better and better after this Colorado winter…