Telos Lake on the Allegash

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I’m planning a trip to Telos Lake in Maine this summer and I was wondering if anyone who may be familiar wit the area could relate some experiences. The plan is to camp at Telos landing and I’m curious about how much traffic that area gets in mid-august. I’ve camped on Webster Lake, which is right next door, but I don’t know what to expect from Telos.


Telos Landing
I haven’t been up to Telos Lake in about ten years, but it is where our outfitter dropped us off for a trip down the Allegash chain of lakes. I imagine if there are other people taking that trip, there will be some air and canoe traffic on that lake. Paddling to the northern end of the lake takes you to a ranger station (10 years ago). It wouldn’t be the quietest of locales to set up for an exteded camp. If you’re looking for an inexpensive fly-in trip, contact Katahdin Outfitters in Millinocket, ME 207-723-5700. They had reasonable prices and offered fly-ins at remote lakes where you can have a lake to yourself for a whole week. I last used them in 2001.