Temagami Ontario Old Logging Rd. Video

Just got back from a canoe trip in Temagami, Ontario. We did the Obabika Lake/River loop. Great trip, but we had to access it via an old logging road.  The last 8 miles took us an hour and a half due to the rough road and the fact that we were not driving a 4X4, but rather a Ford Freestar mini-van.  These unmaintained logging roads are a great way to get into some sites where you'll probably have the whole lake to yourself, just take your time with the rough drive.  Here's a short video that highlights our trek.     <a href="http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOneCanoe?feature=mhee" TARGET="_new">http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOneCanoe?feature=mhee</a>

Nicely done video
What camera did you use?

Nicely done
Great practical advice for those who aren’t used to traveling on those kinds of roads. Exercising due caution will prevent turning a adventure from interesting to bad. “Scouting” large puddles before driving into them as well as having spare tire are also good ideas. I recall being out in the field with several coworkers where the man driving just barreled into a large puddle, got stuck and then spun and spun the tires resulting in a flat tire (not wanting to listen to a mere woman who suggested that wasn’t a good idea. We then found out we had not spare tire (and changing it would have been challenging or impossible anyway). Had to walk over a mile and a half back to a main road and up a hill before we could get a signal and call for tow and tire repair service.

…really doesn’t look that old, but is

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a good place to start. EDIT*..I meant it looks like it's a favorite of several others as well! Good ones are tough to remain secrets! The main issue in most situations is tire tread and clearance....and a lot of the newer highway vans won't let you use aggressive woods roads tires...neither gearing nor wheelwell size..
They are a lot of fun to hunt down and find.....

Temagami road camera
Hey there Andy_Szymczak,

In answer to your question “What camera did you use?” Most of the footage was shot with the GoPro HD. It’s a tiny point-of-view camera that shoots high definition video and is waterproof. Great for our canoeing adventures. You can get a suction mount for it which allowed us to ‘stick’ it on various parts of the van.

Cheers Wayne (TheOneCanoe)

Just picked the same one up last week. Looking forward to using it.