We’re thinking of a trip to Temagami area next summer. How does it compare to the Bondary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness? Any suggestions for route information and/or outfitters?

Have Fun - great area !
I have been to Temagami many times . While not as large as the BWCA, there are still lots of routes to do . Like BWCA, there are some lakes that have motor boat access, but many others do not.

The following sites are very useful - both have active discussion boards :


This has both a forum as well as several good route maps to start planning.


Also has several discussion areas on gear suggestions , maps .

There is one key guidebook - Hap Wilson’s Temagami Canoe routes . Just came out again last year . Try to track down an older one if you can as well ; the new edition is too big and heavy to bring, while the old one was a lot smaller and lighter . Or you can Xerox pages from it and put it in map bag along with topos.

Some of the most popular routes :

Maple Mountain Loop . Most parties do it in a week . Second highest point in Ontario along the way , along with a fire tower . Some rough portaging however .

Obabika/Temagami/Diamond Loop . Shorter than above, 3-5 days. Much easier as far as portages.

Lady Evelyn River . Probably a week long trip unless you fly in to start . Some nice waterfalls and a mix of river ( no whitewater ) and lakes.

Can’t speak to outfitters much - have always gone up solo using my own gear . The people on those boards should be of assistance there. I do know that there are a couple in Temagami , but not nearly as many overall as in the BWCA area.

As another confirmed Temagami paddler, I’d 2nd everything Monty posted. Those are both great websites & Hap’s book is the bible to area paddling. A search should yield the older edition for cheap.

As you’ll discover @ Ottertooth, parks are now charging $7.50/night. Outside designated parks non-Canadians are supposed to pay $10/night to camp on Crown land (not enforced)

Area has more scenic rtes than you can paddle in a lifetime. Get 1 portage off rd accessible lakes & lose all motors & lots of paddlers. Can’t compare it to BWCA (20 hr drive away vs. 5+/-for Temagami) but doubt you’ll be disappointed. Enjoy !