Temp Minnesota Registration

I seem to remember that if you are coming from a state that does not register paddlecraft you can purchase a temporary registration from an outfitter.

Is this true? I did not see info online.

If yes does anyone know an outfitter near Ash River access to Voyageurs N.P

Does anyone know if Wade Watson is still running Vouageurs Adventures in Kabetogama? The website does not work, haven’t tried calling yet.

Thanks All!



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Full price, about $16.00.
Ahh yes, forgot the filing fee.

Just went thru this
Minnesota Out-of-state registration is:

Registration - $10.50

Invasive species fee - $5.00

Filing fee - $8.50

Total - $24.00

Good for 3 years.

Out of state registrations are recognized and good for … I think it was 90 days.

I live in Michigan and we have no registration requirement for non-motorized/commercial yaks or canoes either but we can voluntarily register them for $5.00 and that’s also good for 3 years. I went the $5.00 route.

long shot,
but it might be worth checking to see if registration is required if you stay within the national park boundary- might be different rules ?

just for example, in Yellowstone NP, you don’t need a WY fishing lic to fish in WY, but rather buy a Yellowstone fishing lic.

I got curious, and looked at the park website - they do say you need a MN fishing lic., but make no mention at all as to needing to register a canoe or kayak - there was a picture of a canoe at one of the interior lakes - it was owned by the park service for use at cabin, but didn’t have a square MN decal on it that I could see.

anyways, if it was me, I’d e-mail them and ask if its necessary

Yep, send them an email
That’s what I did and where I got my information from when inquiring about what I needed to do to bring my kayak or canoe into the BWCA. They responded to me within a couple of hours. I was impressed. If you’re still thinking you’d rather register it in Minnesota than your home state, download and read the registration form first. It’s a little confusing and you’ll probably have more questions for them.

Doesn’t matter.
Boats need to be registered - Natl. park or not.

Park Service does not need to register their boats, just like their vehicles have fed plates on them.

You need to register
You need to register you boat in Voyageurs National Park. The relevant info is here: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/licenses/watercraft/index.html

You have lots of choices on offices to pick up the registration: https://dutchelm.dps.state.mn.us/dvsinfo/info/locations/locations.htm But you can also get one in the mail by ordering it from the St. Paul office.

Your best bet on the way to the put-in is the Cook office:





Monday - Friday 9:00-5:00

Virginia, Ely, Hibbing and Duluth all have offices, plus a bunch of other towns, so it depends on where you’re coming from.

Suggest pricing registration in your
home state, which may well be much less than Minnesota. I would never pay that much for 3 years registration. They really need an out-of-state registration for less, or they could get smart like Ohio and not require outsiders to register.

I once e-mailed them and pointed out that Minnesotans could paddle all over Georgia for free. Their answer was barely polite. It’s clear they are just squeezing money out of everyone. Their services to canoeists are few and would not even be noticed by most paddling from out of state. Fishermen and hunters get some real services for buying licenses. We don’t.

Minnesota requires registration for out-of-state boats because they can, and the only reason that they CAN is because the actual numbers of people affected is small, so there’s no “hell to pay” as a result of having such a dumb rule. Imagine what would happen if a state that requires all small trailers to be licensed made it necessary for travelers from states not having that requirement to pay for licensing before they could enter with a trailer. The numbers of people affected would be huge, and thus there’d be “hell to pay”. That’s just not the case when dealing with owners of canoes and kayaks. It’s a money-grab, pure and simple.

Out of state reg req’d in Ohio
Out of state boats must be registered as well in Ohio.


Thanks All !!!
I spoke to Steve at Piragis he confirmed and gave me the # for the local registrar in Ely. As said above $24 for three years, and they can do it by mail. I wonder if I could register for $5 in Mich. That’d save a bundle for nine of us.