Tempest 165 Day Hatch Leak Suggestions?

I recently purchased a T165, which I really love. Only problem is the pint or so of water I discover during roll practice. I’ve read the comments concerning 1) WS hatches leaking, and 2) 303 applied to the inside of the back hatch cover on a glass boat. Is there a reason NOT to do the same on a plastic 165? Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

go for it.

or just quit rolling soooo much.


is this who I think it is???


Mine does this too
Let us know if the 303 works. Sounds like a good idea. I’ve never cared too much because it’s just water and everything’s in dry bags back there. Forgot about my PB&J once though…soggy…sad.

try some bungee…
I believe the day hatch on the Tempest has a groove running along the side of it. Putting a tight loop of bungee around your hatch in that groove sometimes gives the hatch a better seal.

Tempest leaking hatches
From what I’ve observed, many people who have leaky Tempest hatches are not properly sealing the hatch covers. Make sure that you carefully seal the hatch cover tightly to the deck. Some people push down on the cover but don’t push down hard enough and carefully enough to properly seal them all the way down to the deck. I’m careful to seal my T-170 hatches well and they do not leak at all, even after many rolls.

From the word I have received the Tempest has a manufacture defect regarding the hatch leak. You are not the only one I have talked with having this problem. I understand they have shaved or changed the hatch a bit to have the cover fit properly. You should contact your dealer and tell him your problem. If he can’t , won’t, or dosen’t have an answer contact Wilderness Sys directly. It has been my understanding they have been working with everyone in a positive way.

Well, then you are blessed!

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I'm quite adept at sealing the hatches on my Tempest 165 Pro (composite) and I can tell you that the aft hatch always leaks. It does not matter if one uses the bungies or not.

Yes, early in the game I ocassionally received small amount of water when I didn't fully seal the day or bow hatch.

The current oval hatch on the 165 is really PITA if you are performing rescues across the aft deck. This hatch slightly overhangs the 'gunnels' of the 165 and is easy to dislodge if you catch an edge. This is not so much an issue on the T-170 and 180 which have wider beams.

I love the Tempest's hull design and outfitting, but I really dislike the hatches.


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They have terrible hatches on those things.
Nice design on the kayak itself....can't say the same for the outfitting though. A lot of them this year have had poorly installed bulkheads as well(on the poly boats that is).

another place to look
You may get water coming in from the cockpit by the skeg cable. Marine epoxy can fix it if you can get it to the right place.