tempest 165 size question

Hello all – a T165 fiberglass just hit craig’s list in my area, and I’m salivating. It’s in the next town, and before I drive, can anyone comment on the likelihood of my fitting in it? I’m 6’0" 200#. The website describes the 165 as suitable for female and smaller paddlers, and most of the reviews I read were of folks up to 170# and 5’10". Thanks so much, clang.

6’ 180+ lbs
I’m 6’ and weigh over 180 and I fit in a Tempest 165 and found it a great boat for rolling and bracing.

I’m waiting for a call back, I’ll try it out tonight if I can. clang.

kayakacademy.com recommendations
These folks know their kayaks quite well. They recommend the 165 for people 5’3"-5’9" 120-160 pounds. They recommend the 170 for people your size.

I agree…

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Me thinks that clang is going to find the T-165 more than a bit snug and will be riding just a bit low in the water, particularly with gear. Seriously, he has 45 pounds and 3 inches on me.

At 5'9" and 155 pounds the Tempest 165 fit me perfectly.
My brother, who goes 5' 11" and 195 lbs. paddles the Tempest 170 pro.

My bro' could barely get in my 165 and he was NOT comfortable.

no matter how comfy ye may fit, check out them hatches and ask the owner how dry they are.

paddle it before you buy it

particular if the Tempest pro was made prior to August 2006. It will then be equipped with Wildy’s proprietary hatch covers.

After August 2006 Wildy started using Kajaksport lids on their Tempest Pros (not on the poly version).

If installed correctly the Kajaksport hatches should be water tight.


Height No Problem
I have a buddy around 6’5" who paddles the 165 comfortably. He moved his seat back a couple of inches for shin clearance.

The boat’s maximum load is rated pretty dang high. I bet 200 pounds is ok. Give it a try, fer sher.

Definitely! ; - ) (nm)

worth a try
I paddle my mom’ 165 pro when I want to borrow a play boat, and I really love it. I’m 6’ and 175 pounds. The boat fits really great, and rolls like a dream. The Wildy hatches are terrible though, and I’d actually pass on buying a boat if it had the Wildy hatches. The rear hatch in particular never really seats right, leaks, and is very easy to knock off during rescues.

If you plan to load it up and go on overnights, this might not be the right boat for you. But if you want a dayboat that you can have a lot of fun in, the Tempest 165 is perfect for medium-large guys.

So do I
At the other end of their recommendations, I am a little under at 5’2" 110 lbs. By adding 1/2" minicell foam under the seat cover (Barge Cement), I got the kayak to fit very well.

My husband, who is 5’8" and 150-ish, thought my 165 without the added seat foam was a bit tight. He has a 170 that he likes a lot.

My Hatches / Covers Work Great
My poly boat day hatch cover leaks like a sieve and the rear cover is pretty bad as well. But my 'glass boat with the Kajak Sport stuff stays bone dry.

you’ll be tight
and must REALLY like a snug fit if the 165 ends up in your stable.

I’m 5’10/ 175 and paddle the 165 for sporty daytrips and instruction and the 170 for comfy trips when I need the room.


Oh, And…
be sure to take out the hip pads. I really doubt you’ll fit with the hip pads in place.