Tempest 165 vs P & H Capella 166

Has anyone tried and compared these 2 kayaks - i know the tempest 165 fits me well - 5’3" 153 lbs but have an opportunity to purchase the capella 166 over 300 miles away. I see a P&H Capella 160 on manufacturer’s website and wondered if it is more similar to the tempest 165. I have a tempest 170 which fits my husband far better.

Some Experience
I paddled a Capella several years back and found the Tempest more comfortable. Not sure if it was the model you’re referring to, though.

I’m 5’9" and 165 pounds and prefer the Tempest 165 over the 170.

They don’t feel all that similar
It’s been a long time since I tried the Capella, but I remember not liking it well enough to put on my short list for possible future purchases. The T165, OTOH, immediately felt right.

The Capella has a larger cockpit.

You really need to try both, because your preferences might differ from mine.

I have been very happy with my T165 and am not lusting after any other kayaks. Well…maybe another SOT!

P&H Capella 160 and 163
these two boats in composite (160 looks like a 163 with a lower deck and smaller volume) and the RM 160 might be a fair amount different then the 166 in glass or poly. They have a flatter hull and possibly a little more shoulder then the older 166. Relatively new even for a local dealer to offer much for feedback, but they did feel P&H might have done better not giving these hulls the Capella badge as they might turn out to be different hull/boats from the older Capella. My quess is it is to be a boat to compete against the Avocet, Romany market.

capella 166
I deffinetly prefer the tempest 165 over the capella 166, it doesnt seem as bulky in size, and it also seems to be much more comfortable, except for the amount of space for your feet.

capella vs tempest…
i have spent a lot of time in the tempest 170 and the 165 and a good amount of time inthe capella 166…i am 200# 5’10"…my biggest gripe with the capella 166 was that if i relaxed my knees grip under the deck then they would ‘fall’ about 1/2" on each side to rest against the hull of the boat…so to me the capella was too wide for me to be comfortable…

where as the tempest 165 & 170 my knees do not ‘fall’ at all when i relax them…

paddling wise i felt that the tempest is much more playful than the capella…the capella is a bit more stable in the primary sense while the tempest (for me) is more comfortable at the secondary position…

comfort wise the tempest is much more comfortable overall…better closer fitting outfitting (which is what i prefer here in RI surf)…with the capella try rolling one if you get the chance…there was a mishap with the backbands last year and most were very hard and rigid-hurts if you end up layingback on the deck during a roll-this problem has been fixed on the newer boats now…

as a side note i had the chance to sit in the capella 163 and that boat even though the paperwork says that it and the 166 are the same size fit me MUCH better!!!i am imagining that it will be just a little slower overall than the 166…

check out the newest Sea Kayaker for a review of the tempest 165!!!


My wife did so
Sorry I don’t remember all the details, but my wife compared these two (and others). She ended up with the Tempest 165 and loves it.


Her on Rock River in Illinois…


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some serious water action there! one way to get ‘conditions’, eh?

miss ya! and happy new year.

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We miss the PNW badly
Paddling venues here just aren’t the same. Oh well at least we can get wet…