Tempest 165 vs. Tempest 170


Owned and operated a T-165 for a year, paddled it all over creation and love the handling of the design. Only complaints were limited foot room/leg room due to my height. Lost the boat after a lady friend paddled it a few times and I ended up giving it to her a year or so ago.

Now I need another playful day boat that will be used on a slow river primarily and other casual abrasive locations. I had to move the seat back in the T-165 to accommodate my feet/legs (I’m a bit over 6’2" with long legs), so I’m thinking of going with a T-170 this time around. My concern is my light body weight; 180 lbs ready-to-paddle. Day gear is minimal, perhaps another 15 lbs.

Is the T-170 too voluminous for a 200 lb paddler/gear? I loved the manoeuvrability of the T-165 and its performance in lumpy water. Will the T-170 paddle similarly or is noticeably a higher volume boat with less personality?

Decisions, eh?! Thanks for any input you might have to offer.

you already know
what I’m going to say, eh?

go 170 and you’ll be happy. at 180 + gear you’ll be fine, and comfy! I am just under 175, 5’10 and I love the 170 for the roominess and sportiness.

good luck


I was hopin’ you
were out there!

I’d just like to have everything the T-165 offers in a slightly roomier package. Sounds like the 170 ought to fill the bill nicely.

Kayakers are such a picky bunch, eh?!

just paddle like flatpick does
and you’ll be happy

gotta join the tempest group on yahoo
then you can bend Steve’s ear anytime you need to!


sure if you’re in the click
tried to join the tempest group twice. rejected each time.

Go Rent or Borrow One

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on a really windy day.

Uhhhh... I'm really partial to the 165 but I only weigh 165. Steve, when will a Zephyr be available to try? Several of us Piedmonters are itchin' to try one.

youre not too light for the 170
you do fine and will appreciate the extra room for your feet

should be at your local dealer NOW! they’re out there!!!


One There. One Not.

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Hey Steve, Git Outdoors has the 15 footer only. Given my 165 pounds and my preference for minimal boat do you think that would be the ticket for me? I'm going to demo it Saturday.

you mean 155?
there’s a 155 and a 160.

the 155 is even roomier than a Tempest 165 but weight wise you should be fine

have fun!


Thanks to all…
for your comments. I really like the T-165 and know it very well. My feet are the only issue with that boat. I’d like to be able to fit the larger more aggressive river shoes for trail exploration and the smaller Tempest keeps me in socks or light wetshoes. I used to carry a pair of hikers in my old T-165 for such adventures.

I paddle in wind on a regular basis and that was my concern with the higher profile of the T-170 as well as the higher rear deck. I’ve become a big fan of low rear decks.

Since I will be carrying no more than day supplies and emergency gear, I’m tempted to just shove myself into another T-165 'cause it’s such a fun and playful boat.

Also interested in that little Zephyr 15.5 kayak - that might just be a very cool river 'yak and stormy waters lake boat. Sounds like an interesting and fun hull design. Maybe I can find one in the Colorado area to test paddle.

Thanks again to everyonel for your thoughts and pleasant waters to y’all.

Right, The 155
I hope the wind is howling on Saturday.

the Z maybe the ticket.

or move the seat aft some in the 165. this opens up a little foot and alot of thigh room. pretty EZ task.