Tempest 165

My local shop(65 miles away)has a 165 blemished at a good price.Is it worth the time going to check it out or a waste of gas at 12.5 m.p.g. I,m 6,1", 225#. There is nothing wrong with my savanah, I just want to get there faster.And I dont even slow down to smell the lillies.



Two answers
1) I think you are big for this boat. I have one and fit well at 5’10"ish 160 lbs.

2) It is never a waste to go check out kayaks!

I thought so
I really want a 170 ,But I was just wondering on the fit of the 165.$300.00 less. They all say “for the smaller paddler”. 6" shorter, half inch width; I guess that means alot. As far as a waste of time I understand what you mean, it’s just that I wont get time to check it out for another week. I’d hate to ask topher to hold it and then not take it. I guess I’ll just need to save a little more $.


You might fit
My height and weight is identical to your’s (don’t know your body shape) and I have sat reasonably comfortable in one on a shop floor. Haven’t been in the water with one, but have in a 170 which will fit you easily.

Right now they also have a 170, but not in the color I wanted.Like I said I need to save some more yet.Or do the dreaded sell or trade thingie.


if you have narrow hips, remove the hip-grips and have the seat moved back a couple of inches… and don’t mind a snug fit.

Really depends on your hips/thighs…
I am 5’10" and 225lb. I could ‘fit’ into the 165 but is was a real squeeze and not comfortable. Having said that…there are those with your dimensions with narrow hips/thighs and love the tight fit…really need to check it out.

I had a T170 and really liked it. Am building Nick Schade’s Night Heron (18’ x 20") and have demoed his boats…and they fit beautifully…tis all in the fit…

Let us know what you do…and enjoy…


Tempest 165
The tempest 165 is a great kayak but it would be too small for you. You could squeeze in but you wouldn’t be comfortable. The 170 would be a much better choice.

Some things are great when there tight,…but not my kayak.Snug…yes.Tight=sleepy toes.

Thank you all so very much for confirming what I previously thought was the wrong size for me.

Happy Easter


Tight 165
I’m 5’9 1/2" @ 158, and the boat fits me well. I think that you’re too big. Go for the T170.


I doubt you will fit a 165
I am 6’2" @ 185 lbs size 11D and definitly do not fit in a 165 poly Tempest. I also do not fit in a poly 170. I fit a snugly in a glass 170 and fit absolutly GREAT in a glass 180.


what THEY ALL said.

the newest T’s have a new, lower seat which may help squeeze you in but…over 200 and the 165 is not going to be at optimum performance with much of a LOAD, and you. go 170.