tempest 165

there is a one day sale going on 2morrow at a local store that is selling the tempest for $1 200 Canadian. Sry im in a hurry and i have to keep it short for that reason. But im wondering if it is worth getting i plan on doing day tripping and am just getting into kayaking more seriously even though we have an old tandem kayak our family used. Anyways and 2 cents u have into this kayak or even its pricing would be appreciated.

buy it
I don’t know about the price but it sounds good…You can’t go wrong with a tempest.


Get it quick!!
Believe me, $1200 Canadian for a kayak like the Tempest is a wicked good deal! I’d be there when the store opens and be at the front of the line. It is a very good design, a kayak that is going to be a lot of fun to paddle and it is too good a deal to pass up!

just curious…where in Canada are you at and what is the store?

Cheers…Joe O’

ya but would it be okay for a beginner

I live in Ontario specifically cambridge but the store is located in waterloo

Yeah, I’d grab it for sure. This type of kayak…along with several other designs such as the Necky Chathams, the P&H Capella’s, the Valley kayaks etc are, in my oppinion, much more fun to paddle than the ruddered kayaks. The Tempest should be pretty easy to learn in and will help make turn you into a good kayaker! A beginner will not have much trouble with this kayak.

Even on the remote chance you DIDN’T like it, at $1200 Canadian, you’d EASILY be able to get your money back on this one when selling it used.

Let me know if you get it and how you like it.

Cheers…Joe O’

whoops i forgot to tell u guys that it is used but i don’t think it is in 2 bad condition. Although they did use to use it as a rental. Is it still worth it?

All depends on the condition. If it is still pretty good, yeah it is likely worth it. Check the hull over for oil canning, look for any bulkheads that look like they may leak, check to be sure the skeg control works smoothly. If it appears to be in good shape though, it is likely worth the $1200. Hard to say though without seeing it first.

Let me know how it works out.

Cheers…Joe O’

my second pick im thinking of getting is liquid logics pisgah it is selling used for $800 canadian. Do you think that is a good second pick btw here is the website for the prices and stuff http://advguide.com/deals/index.cfm?fuseaction=boat

Is there anyone here from Ontario that would recommend me having these as a kayak because i will mainly be kayaking on the grand river, are these good choices for that?

sry i have so many questions but, while reading the reviews of the tempest i found that alot of ppl were short. I myself am 6’3 so would that cause any problems?

I’m tall

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I'm a 6'-0" Amazon, with long legs (34" inseam) and found the 165 to be fairly roomy. But I'm a small-tall ... as in slender, so you might have some problems fitting, if you are large. (In which case a 170 would be a much better choice.)

~ Arwen ~

As for size…only way to know for sure is to sit in the kayak and adjust your footbraces to see if you have enough room. Based on your height though, I’d think the the Liquid Logic you’d mentioned will be a bit small.

They may have a nice 17 foot British style kayaks in the works though…I’ve seen the prototype and it looks sweet!

same situation:
Well you shoudl not be reading this and on your way toget the boat but I find enough similarities in your situation that I wanted to coment again.

The Tempest 170 I got was a rental/demo. A lot of dealers are given these boats at a greatly reduced rate and agree to “demo” and rent for a year before selling it. I bought mine at Florida Bay Outfitters in Key Largo when they had their end of year clearance. there are no structural issues at all and what I found was that the Tempest, as it only had a skeg, was not the most popular choice by tourists and occasional renters because it didn’t have a rudder. As such I got a really good boat that had been used primarily by the staff.

Now having said that, I have significant (as in very apparent) scraping on the side of the boat due to the way they slid it into a wooden rack but it does not affect the boat at all and I could give a *** about it.

The staff there also resealed the bulkheads, and replaced the skeg cable as it was a little tough to move…So essentially I got a new boat with a couple of scrapes for 750 US.

I am 6’ and between 205 and 210. Frankly, I could not get into the 165 but I think this is because of the thigh pads and the shorts I was wearing at the time (thick cargo ype shorts). You would be amazed the difference this can make!

The 170 with thigh pads is a perfect snug fit for me. (I may take them out later but for now, it helps me in rolling and leaning where I can really adjust the boat with my hips.

The boat feel really stable when you get in it but what is really great about this boat is the fact that the more you lean over, the more comfortable you get (over a bit of time like a week or so)

Not having a rudder encourages you to learn to lean and paddle properly for the conditions. the skeg really helps keeping you tracing straight in quartering winds etc but it does produce drag (less than a rudder imo but still there)

Having only three to 4 weeks weeks experience in this boat I have already learned to roll it and have gotten more comfortable with it every day…and by the way…I have been out every day.


  1. excellent outfitting
  2. good hatches and covers (some would really argue this but they don’t leak when I roll so what can I say? (Plenty big enough to pack for camping) (Did I mention the day hatch too?
  3. great primary and excellent secondary stability
  4. Less moving parts (no rudder)
  5. Excellent adjustment capabilities in the seating.

    I really looked at the clearwater design boats, driving over three hours to look and sit in them, and then the P&H Capella. I demoed the Perception Eclipse, CD Storm, and a bunch of others that I sat in. the Tempest is the kind of boat that just feels and looks like it would get you through a tough situation if you were ever in one. Other boats don’t give me that initial reaction even though they would be great to play in. Just My opinion which I am sure will be blasted shortly.

    Price point wise, you would be geting a bot that far surpasses your abilities right now, BUT is the type of boat that will increase the speed in which you learn and is forgiving enough in the beginning to not have you give up in frustration.

    (geez…after reading this I want a commission from WS!..you listening Flatpick??)

do we have another proud owner of a tempest or was there a size issue?


size issue i actually wrote an email to outrageous maybe i will post that message up here in a bit but im i g2g write now so when i get back

do we send the dividend checks Paul?

or should we just ship ya a kevlar 170?



kevlar 170
hmmm…I will even fly there to pick it up!

Just let me know when and where!